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It's kinda a shot in the dark, since I've got no idea if there will be people interested, but there have been so many JE friending memes, so why not H!P? Besides, my f-list lacks H!P fans, so it'd be great if it actually worked XD

So, off with it~

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Fave H!P member:
Fave unit:
Anything else you're into:
Anything more you feel like saying?

Napolitan, towa no aidoru--

The finals have already started and the scary anthropology exam is drawing closer with every day >.<; so in fact I shouldn't even be here now, but somehow I suddenly got inspired and couldn't stop myself from doing this XD It's my very first attempt to translate a song, and I'm still far from being fluent in Japanese, so if you spot any mistakes, please do tell me ^_^

Itoshi no Napolitan
Trio the Shakiiin (I keep on wondering who was it that came up with the name XD;;)

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Minna, sing together~ *whacked XD* I simply adore this song ♥ ♥ and can't help but love Go's voice, even if he himself is not very fond of it ^_^' *remembering the last Utaban* - not to mention the always awesome Higashiyama-senpai! ♥
And I hope Ryousuke-kun gets more chances to show his kakkoii side ^_^; is it only me or since the Hong Kong special he's been a highly abused character? XD;;